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Welcome to MATHBID.COM (The Site), an educational/technology website Development Company. The contents and services of this Site are provided and wholly owned by Accelerated Technology Solutions Inc .of New York State (referred to as MATHBID) subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. Checking the \"I agree\" box is your indication that you agree to ALL of the following terms and conditions of use. Your future use of the Site indicates your ongoing consent to the terms and conditions of use.

2.  On the MATHBID web Site there is an exchange of information between the buyers who bid for math, statistics, physics, quantitative services and the sellers who have agreed to provide the services. The MATHBID web Site acts as an intermediary by providing a web forum for both parties to enter into a private agreement for which a service fee to bring together the above mentioned two parties is taken by MATHBID. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions both sellers and buyers state that they are legal adults as defined in the jurisdiction in which they reside. In NYS both parties, buyers and seller providers, must be eighteen years of age or older at the time of use. Under no conditions may an individual thirteen years or younger use the MATHBID Site in any capacity for any purpose whatsoever.

3. You stipulate that you are using the MATHBID Site on your own initiative, and in full compliance with all applicable local, city, state, and federal laws. Any dispute in connection with the use of MATHBID or its services will be governed by the laws of the State of New York, and all applicable US federal laws.

4. MATHBID.COM contains materials posted by buyers and sellers. If any of the posted materials are protected by copyright, their posting is absolutely and unconditionally prohibited. MATHBID will use every effort to prevent copyright infringement; however, it is the primary responsibility of the parties using MATHBID not to submit for posting copyrighted materials. MATHBID reserves the right to delete from the Site any materials that it determines or suspects are copyrighted.   In using MATHBID buyers will post math, statistics, physics, quantitative questions or problems that sellers will bid on, and if the bid is accepted by the buyers, the sellers will provide a solution for an agreed fee between both parties. The minimum bid that can be offered is $5USD and the maximum bid offered may not exceed $500 USD. MATHBID will have no role or responsibility in this process. In submitting such problems buyers agree that the sole purpose of posting the problem is for math/statistics/computer science/physics help only, that is, to understand the underlying process and reasoning to facilitate independent learning. Problems posted that are part of a take home test, homework assignment or any other academic project for school credit or presentations are absolutely forbidden. Copyrighted materials from textbooks, workbooks, or distributed school materials may not be posted on MATHBID.  MATHBID at its own discretion reserves the right to edit or delete such problems, and to block individuals who violate this consent agreement from further use of the Site. It is also understood that the sellers will not enter into agreement to solve the above stipulated unacceptable problems if they know or suspect that any of the above conditions are violated. MATHBID reserves the right to edit or delete any question type prohibited by law, and MATHBID   is not responsible in the event that sellers, who participate on this Site answer such questions deemed to be illegal or inappropriate. In the event that this violation does occur, it is the sole responsibility of the bidder and seller.

5.  Buyers further agree that questions submitted to MATHBID shall not include material that is abusive, harassing, obscene, threatening, or invasive of any person's privacy or intellectual property rights, violates any law or is otherwise inappropriate for the services provided by the Site. Sellers and others who feel that questions are objectionable are encouraged to contact MATHBID by email (service@ mathbid.com).  MATHBID reserves the right to reveal any information it has about buyers or sellers, in connection with legal actions, or bona fide allegations of plagiarism related to use of the services. MATHBID reserves the right to use  submitted problems and posted solutions in any way whatsoever, without compensation to the buyers or sellers providing that the questions are in conformity with the above enumerated stipulations.                                                        

6.  All of the Site contents are the exclusive property of MATHBID, and are protected by copyright laws. Unless otherwise stated, no material from the Site may be copied or distributed by any means whatsoever, except that you may download copies of materials that you have purchased, but no other materials purchased by other buyers.

7. Fees and Payment. (a)  Fees for Services are payable in US currency.  MATHBID reserves the right to revise its fee schedule from time to time. Such amended schedules will be posted on the Site. Currently, MATHBID fees are as follows:

(a) Sellers bid for posted buyers problems. Once a fee is selected from the bid list by the buyers, the money is put into a reserve account. When the buyers accept the work MATHBID   takes 20% of the agreed bid as a nonrefundable service fee..

(b) All payments to MATHBID relating to your use of the Services shall be by credit card. Currently, such payments shall be made through the services of PayPalTM (\"PayPal\"). For further information, see their Internet web Site at www.paypal.com. Currently, through this third party service provider, the following credit cards may be used to pay for  MATHBID services: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER. Prior to using the service, you should review the PayPal privacy policy. Information may be obtained from the providers' respective web Site as noted above.

(c)Any disputes between the buyer and the seller must be submitted for arbitration within thirty days after the solution completion date to service@mathbid.com. The decision of the arbitrator is final and in any case the payment processing fee still is in effect regardless of the outcome of the dispute.

8. Unless otherwise provided, the contents of the Site are provided on an \"as is\" and \"as available\" basis. MATHBID ,  and Accelerated Technology Solutions Inc. do not warrant the functions, information or links contained on the Site or that its contents will meet your requirements. MATHBID does not provide any guarantee or warrantee of the correctness, accuracy, reliability, or appropriateness of the bidders provided solutions. The security of the site is not guaranteed. The bidder and the seller (and not MATHBID ) assume the entire cost of any necessary servicing, repair or correction that may result from your use of the Site. 

9. Your agreement of these Terms and Conditions recognizes that the internet is not secure and that MATHBID can not guarantee your privacy. Since payments are made through a third party payment system it is the user's responsibility to examine their privacy and security policies. MATHBID shall not be responsible or liable for ay loss of privacy or damage incurred through use of this Site.