How Does It Work For Experts?

Follow these steps to find a question to post a solution for: 

  1. Login with your username and password and find question in any of the following ways:
    1. Click on ‘Browse Categories’
    2. Click on ‘Recently Posted Questions’
    3. Click on ‘Browse Questions’
  1. Select the question and fill out the ‘Place a bid or comment’ form.  In the comments section of your bid, a good strategy is to give a partial answer to the question that will serve to convince the buyer that you have the expertise to provide a detailed and correct solution. *Do not give a full solution in your bid*
  1. If your bid is selected, you will be notified when you can begin working on it via email.  The question will then show under the ‘Questions I Am Working On’ link.  The money is now in our safe and secure reserve fund.  This ensures that your work will be paid for.*You may now provide the full solution*
  1. Once you have a solution completed, upload it via the solutions form on the question.
  1. Once your solution has been accepted by the buyer, MathBid will send your payment to you via PayPal, which is free and easy.  MathBid will take 20% for processing fees and maintenance of the site, and you will receive the remaining 80%.  Payments are sent once a week.